Medicinal aromatherapy

Medicinal aromatherapy

Natural essential oils can be used not only for relaxing relaxation but can even be part of our everyday life. Oils can be used for treatment as well as for prevention. How to use aromatherapy? They are suitable for children, pregnant women, for giving birth, for seniors ... What oils are good for you to buy and what can be used in addition to the treatment? What about Feng Shui and aromatherapy?

Plants, shrubs and trees in their roots, stems, leaves, seeds, bark, or flowers contain drops of fragrances called essential oils. Essential oils are then used in aromatherapy to treat or prevent various diseases, provide psychological relief and comfort.

Aromatherapy can be used by everyone, from small children to seniors. It is only necessary to first establish a diagnosis or why we want to start with aromatherapy (rhinitis, frequent illness, relaxation, calming, support of learning concentration, etc.). Always study what the oil is good for and who it is unsuitable.

Treatment of aromatherapy

Fragrance not only from aromalamp is the most effective on our smell. In order to benefit from essential oils, it is good to breathe deeply, which releases endorphins, encephaline, adrenaline, noradrenaline and other neurochemicals in our body. Essential oils come in not only into the bloodstream, but also into tissues, lymphs and muscles. Outside the smell, the active substances get into the body even through the skin. Exclusion occurs either through the kidneys or the respiratory system.

Proper selection of essential oils

Definitely buy only 100% natural essential oils. If you see a value less than 100% on the bottle, be careful. The remaining amount is supplemented with synthetic ingredients that can irritate you or even cause an allergic reaction, migraines, or asthma attacks. Read the packaging too thoroughly to know what type of oil is suitable for you. Whether you can massage it or add it to aromalamp, etc. You can buy essential oils in health food stores, drugstores or the internet. The easiest way to use essential oils is to use aromalamp.

First, pour warm water into the aromalamp, then drop a few drops of oil, then insert a lighted tea candle into the lamp. Aromalamp should be taken care of not only by children but also by evaporation of water. Once the candle burns, allow the lamp to cool, wash with soap and rinse with vinegar. It is good to smell oil and to choose only one that smells you. In case you need oils that have stimulating effects, weigh on rosemary, cedar, lemon, orange, mint, ginger. Calming are lavender, ylang-ylang, melon, sandalwood, mandarin, bergamot, chamomile.

Some essential oils can also be combined, and the mixture must never contain more than 5 essential oils. The smell of citrus is perfectly suited to conifers, lavender to everyone. All floral scents fit together. For epileptics, for example, rosemary, sage, thyme, kidney troubles are not suitable for caraway or sandalwood. If you are pregnant, avoid camphor, sage, basil, myrtle, rosemary, wormwood, goodwill, hazel, marjoram and parsley. Children under 5 years should not breathe mint or camphor.

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