Candlelight candle

Candlelight candle

The bath is a symbol of comfort, sweetness and leisure. You fill the hot water, add foam, light candles and pour a glass. Best in two. It's amazingly romantic. But I admit that there are a few small hooks that make you feel like this luxury.

Quietly even in the summer. I'm not doing any illusions this summer. Even now, at the end, she decided to show her friendly face, most of the day went away. How many times have I been soaked and teething! Then it was definitely a good idea to "put a bath".

Giving a bath is a ritual that you have to make time for. Just the phrase "Will we put the tub?" Sounds relaxing, relaxing, perhaps a little seductive, and must not hurry anywhere. Such a candle bath (and two) certainly attacked some of you. You saw it in movies, read about it in the books, dreaming of your imagination.

But did you really do it? Do you ever enjoy this luxury? Did not your head change in your calculator and imagine how much it would cost you to prefer a shower? Or you could not agree on which side he and he would sit on when you had an "ordinary" bathtub with a whip, a tap, and a discharge? Are you comfortable enough to make the right atmosphere, and have you excused yourself from taking towels from the candles, overturning a drink, and shoveling your legs? Yes, there are risks, but it is worthwhile to undertake them.

Yes, there are risks, but it is worthwhile to undertake them. You may find that the shower is hygienic fast and relatively inexpensive, but it lacks the charm.

Just the word of the shower. Means jet, jet and fofr. You may find that your counterpart is a gentleman and will undergo torture for you in the form of a spike in the buttocks, a withers behind your ear, and a spill in your back.

And after all, a candle-bath you're enjoying once in a while, is not it? So do not cut and throw away from the hoof.

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